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Groundworks Installation Services. Jacks of all trades but masters of none? Not at Groundworks. Groundworks is not a landscape company. We don't plant everything under the sun and are totally useless as a 'one stop shop' for all your landscape needs. At Groundworks, we concentrate our energies in a single but vital area of landscape theme creation, Specimen Palms. During the years that we have specialized in palms, we have developed and documented field proven procedures that result in outstanding performance. Our clients can rest assured that over the years we have paid close attention and taught ourselves what must happen to insure that they enjoy the most intense aesthetics that our palms are capable of producing.

TEAM GROUNDWORKS When you hire Groundworks to install your specimen palms, you are hiring a team of dedicated professionals who are recognized industry wide as the master craftsmen of our field. Your site is inspected in advance and the installation is then planned and executed by a senior field operator insuring that the palms are planted safely and properly. Once done, our teams perform post installation services that have been customized to the site's cultural conditions insuring quick establishment. You receive a one-year limited warranty that Groundworks honors with no fuss or whining and we show up to perform at least two post installation services without you having to chase us around. Once we are through, we will give simple maintenance instructions to you or your designee and you can also count on preferential scheduling treatment if you need advice after the warranty period has ended.

So what does all of this really mean to you? Solid long-term performance and good value for your money. At Groundworks we understand that you're spending a boatload of money on a look, not on a palm tree. We recognize that you aren't buying our palms just to own them; you are buying them for the beauty and majesty that they bring to the site.

Like you, we can see that the strength or weakness of those attributes is the basis for quantifying 'value' when investing in our palms. We know that when the imagery you sought is achieved in reality, you have received good value for your money. We also believe that where it is not, your money was wasted. So, Jack-of-all-trades but master of none? Nope; not at Groundworks. For the money you are spending, anything short of a dedicated specialist makes no sense. For the money we are getting, anything less would be stealing.

When it absolutely, positively must be right the first time, you can trust the master craftsmen at Groundworks.

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