Groundworks Design Services. Do you need professional help deciding how and where to use palms in your landscape? Groundworks has expert designers on staff who can not only help you decide what should go where but who can honestly and professionally advise you on what will work and what won't, long term, in your particular environment. With 25 years specializing in palms and being the actual producer of most of what we sell, Groundworks offers super completive prices, exceptional quality and advice on site that is 100% reliable. If you are in the Houston area or anywhere on the southeast coast of Florida, consultations on site are free of charge. If you are located in another region, we are happy to come to you but will need to cover the costs of doing so.

If you need some professional design advice, don't be shy, call us at (800) 753 5127 or shoot us an email to We will get right back to you and will be happy to meet with you as soon as time and resources allows.


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